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Vultus Recruit – Bench / Hotlist Management

Maintain you’re working bench / hotlist with your own personal settings.  Streamline sales process by creating a one-click pathway to candidate lists, clients, pending work, the pipeline, etc


Vultus Recruit - Bench / Hotlists

  • Track all your bench candidates at one place, monitor & review the exact state of all hotlist submissions.
  • Set filters, utilize hot-terms and other keywords to track your candidates and maintain a constant understanding of the current situation, all from one location.
  • Use a one click status update to learn all you need about prospects, all while keeping an eye on current trends and fluctuations in the field.
  • Configurable workflow to suit your bench process.

Vultus Recruit - Mass Mailing

  • Send mass emails of your hotlist to all your contacts at the click of a button.
  • No limits on the number of emails you can send.
  • Use your own email templates or our standard ones.
  • Sync replies in application, dont switch between outlook and vultus

Vultus Recruit - Hotlist Reports

  • Measure your sales team’s performance.
  • Assess your consultant’s track record.
  • Create extensive reports, schedule at frequent intervals and export them.
  • Narrow on to TAT. Identify gaps for improvement

Vultus Recruit - Hotlist Submissions

  • Set priority search terms to keep track of your best opportunities.
  •  Perform submission to clients / vendors from the recruit, no need to download resumes, attach to an email and send.
  •  Perform submissions with resume attachments from recruit via email.
  •  Schedule interviews for your consultants from within recruit.
  • Single Candidate multiple submissions. Alerts to Notify

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