Is your immediate priority to address these?

Difficult finding right candidate in High Demand?

Unable to achieve best Time to Fill?

Hiring Vs Cost challenges?

Why Vultus Recruit

A Staffing Localized Recruitment Software

A cloud based recruitment solution that allows you to discover talent, connect with human resources and find your most appropriate Recruit. Fulfil different ‘people’ needs within your organization across seamlessly inter-connected processes and systems. Substitute your complex set of recruitment systems with an easy, quick and smart recruitment software. One platform to manage your human resources and customers.

Reduce Time to Fill

Increase your Recruiters / Bench Sales productivity by integrating Requirement to Recruitment. Let Candidate fall through the leak proof process.

Drive Engagement

Reach more prospects with in-built HR CRM. Make noise on Social, Job Boards and let Candidates apply through your company Career Page.

Switch Screens

Save valuable users time with outlook plugin services. Account, Candidate, Mailing, Opening and Submission straight from outlook. We value your time

Happy Clients

Get the right candidate at the right time. Your client can have access to diversified skill set data, be ahead of competition with reduce Turn around time.

Explore Vultus Recruit Features

Opening Management

Manage all your openings on offer through a powerful database with a simple and efficient interface. Create and post Openings at a glance, make alterations……..

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Candidate Management

Better manage your human resource data, at a glance, or in depth. Recruit enables you to better coordinate people, data, and processes in order to….

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Bench / Hotlist Management

Maintain you’re working bench / hotlist with your own personal settings.  Streamline sales process by creating a one-click pathway to candidate lists, clients, pending work, the pipeline ……..

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Mass Mailing

Recruit mass mailing options creates better communication channels, organizational options, and multiple screening, filtering, and security options. Tracking deliveries, unsubscribe ………

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Client / Contact Management

It’s not enough for you to know what’s happening, you must, to be truly effective, be able to manage and conduct interactive contact with all relevant stakeholders.  Manage your clients and contacts to keep those relationships …….

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Placement Management

Knowing how your placements fare on the back-end will invaluably improve operations on the front end.  Use your placements tab to search, track, record, and ……

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Reports& Dashboards

Waste no time in getting a comprehensive overview of all recruitment and sales activity, quickly, accurately, and at a glance.  You need to know what’s happening, but you don’t need to ……..

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Deep Dive into Solution?

Outlook Plugin

Vultus Recruit’s plug-in for Microsoft Outlook enables the recruiters to have direct access to few features of Recruit Application from within their Outlook, without switching …….

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