Know Our Story

  • Empservice 2002

    With an aim to Manage Consultants remotely, we have built this product Empservice aimed at providing an automation tool to manage back office operations

  • Empservice 2004

    Hosted on cloud when no one in industry was offering a cloud based solution. Seamlessly implemented and started to advance towards being a truly US Staffing product

  • Empservice to Connect - 2013

    Empservice is renamed to Connect post acquisition of the Staffing Company. However, Empservice is retained with the principal company and started our new journey towards commercialization of Vultus Connect

  • Vultus Recruit - 2014

    Vultus Recruit was launched with an aim to help Recruiter & Bench Sales automate their hiring process and in turn realize the true potential of Recruitment's.

  • Vultus Connect 2015

    Vultus Connect launched successfully to automate back office operations. Vultus is now Aimed at providing Enterprise Solutions to Staffing Industry.

Our Mission

We at Vultus Inc., believe in Human as a Resource is the driving force for any organization to grow and our Mission is to empower this driving force by enabling engagements between Human Resource and Employees to realize the true potential of Human as an asset.

Our Vision

By 2020 Vultus is aimed at being one of the top 10 HR product companies in US with Vultus product Innovation, fueling future demands of Human Resources while sprint with trend and still stay economical.

Our Team

Our team is growing. We are passionate about building cloud enabled technology solutions. The team at Vultus focuses on building human capital management (HCM) solutions which help in accomplishing goals of your organization seamlessly.

At Vultus, we believe that innovation is meant to simplify processes. Our innovation has led to creating a simple hiring solution, Recruit which eases the process for recruiters from a prospect to a hire & Connect which automates back office operations with a comprehensive work force management. We are constantly working towards building simple, cloud enabled recruitment and other human capital solutions.