Is your immediate priority to Get Growth or Retain Clients?

  • Get Consultant Hours – Time sheets straight from the source
  • Get Hours Earnings – Get revenue figures for the payroll period against approved time cards + Expenses + Insurance + other deductions
  •  Authorization – Manage work permits of an employee, supervise authorizations like LCA’s & H1Bs
  • Handle – Manage employee documents, announcements, consultant requests and expenses on a single platform
  • Invoicing with ease – Send invoices straight from the application with configurable email templates and attach time sheets and expense bills along with invoice
  • Manage Vendor Deductions, Referrals, Commissions and other deductions with ease

Vultus benefits to Management

Configurable Workflow

Let Vultus mirror your process. Have a project management approach towards your task.

1.Workflow Builder

2.Alerts & Notifications

3.Dashboards & Reports

Seamless Communications

Let candidate or consultant do not leave without notice. Enable frequent communication

1.Make Announcements

2.Allow work arrangements

3.Document journals

In built HR CRM

Bring all stake holders into one page. Demonstrate support.

1.Manage Business partners

2.Enable Communication

3.Flag Important Tasks & Dates


Make informed decisions. Let your decisions back with data anywhere, any time.

1.Report scheduler

2.Know where you are lacking

3.Projected receivables & payroll cost