Mirror your Staffing Business

Vultus unique features will have you save time, efforts and resources with surfacing hurdles for you to take informed decisions.

Collaborative Hiring

Hiring is no more just a process in Staffing, indeed it’s the business. Collaborative hiring will get the best for the client and boost your business.

Cognitive Mapping

Every recruiter works on many openings simultaneously and it’s important that an intelligent systems help them suggest apt candidates to that opening.

Easy Meetings

When key topics at meetings and updates managed followed by task assigned to each of you then what else? Eliminate pen & paper, meet in Vultus.

Smart Documents

Ensure organization is compliant with all employee & company documents. Get I9, LCA pay alerts, work permit document accurate expiry reminders.

Multiple Companies

You handle multiple companies? Vultus does that for you. Access multiple companies with single login however each entity finances are individual.

Actual Pays

Employee pay is not just their Payroll Pay but also other headers like Off Projects, Expenses, Insurance, etc. Click away payroll report.


Start lowering time-to-hire and increase placements. Get new levels of recruiter productivity and streamline processes to address business challenges and achieve greater levels.


Start connecting with your consultants working across the globe. Enable them with quick access to their documents and you get their time sheets on-time. Increase employee satisfaction.

Best Recruiter is he who can map Requirement to Candidate
Get Vultus to handle your Recruitment's
Candidate on Bench is Revenue on Bench.
Make more submissions with Vultus, be on top of your Bench
Focus more on Employee Relations, you hear to them
Increase your Revenue Makers Satisfaction
Control your Cash Flow. Achieve On-Time Receivables
Give breather to all your Staffing Employees with Tailor Made Solutions
Number of Timesheets Submitted
Number of Hours saved per week
Number of Invoices Generated
0 X
Increase in Placements
10 M
Number of Emails Sent & Tracked
0 %
Increase in Timely Receivables
Vultus Benefits

Reduce Time to Hire

Let Vultus screen more candidates and suggest you the best fit, while you work on relations with candidates and vendors.

Clear Bench

Be on top of your Bench with Vultus Plugin capabilities. Make fatser submissions to quickly place your bench Candidates.

Its all On-Time

One day delay in submitting time sheets is one day delay in your receivables. Automate time sheets to Invoice cycle with multiple level approval methodology

Control Cash Flow

Manage your consultants payments. Know their actual pay and start managing expenses, consultant liabilities and related finances.

Dimensional Values

Get Competitive

Staffing is Competition. No more race against time, we can automate your repetitive processes, focus on Quality, everything else leave to us.

Get Productive

Your team believes in Social Recruiting? Or Job Boards ? May be, Career Page? All are integrated. Anything new, let us know we will add it for you all.

Get Time

Do you know, your accounts / operations / Recruiters get disturbed 100 times a day? Let your staff breath, save 40% of time across all functions.

Get Revenue

It’s Revenue end of the day. Identify trends and make informed decisions. Our growth is directly proportionate to your growth. We evolve with you.

Vultus Belief

Transparent Pricing

Business that you handle gives you enough of surprises. Vultus should always be an exception. You will be charged on what you see and what you use

Customer Incluive

Vultus believes in growth for both. We dont grow unless you use Vultus and we know that we have to give you want you need for you to use. Hence, evolve with you is a success to us and not otherwise.

Breath HR

As a product we go towards where you go. After all, we all belong to the same Industry. Hence, we have HR domain expertise and customer involvement behind every feature that you we build.

Sprint with Trend

In this competitive global environment, every day is unique, every business is unique and every team is unique. We sprint with trend to get you rolling and rolling and rolling.

What you get

Free Training

Access to our manual’s. Effective live training

Unlimited Support

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Free Software Upgrades

Be on the cutting edge of technology

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Stay informed with industry news & tips.

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