Why Vultus Connect

Workforce Management Software, Staffing Localized

Vultus Connect is an all rounded Workforce Manager that completes several payroll and allied processes through a single dashboard. Payslips, invoicing and timesheets can be recorded, generated and shared in a hassle-free manner. In addition to that Vultus Connect also manages employee documents, their benefits and expenses computation. It archives and stores insurance information that can be plugged in for future calculations. As a workforce management solution, Vultus Connect is designed to organize your workforce, optimize project budgets and complete payroll operations.

Reduce Billing Errors

Enable timely Invoicing by reducing billing errors. Get Time Sheets in time from source, review with actual’s and submit without errors.

Drive Engagement

Make announcements to your Consultants. They are your employees, let them know you and let them know you are their corporate service.

Happy Consultants

Know your action items on consultants. Their deadlines are your’s, let them focus on what they are good at. Allowing you to focus on their formalities.

Forecast Flows

Timely Invoicing is timely receivables, time receivables depend on timely time sheet submissions. Configurable alerts and flags to be on time.

Vultus features


  • Create and Manage Employee holiday list.
  • Manage Insurance details of consultants.
  • Avoid Employee duplicate insurance details.
  • Manage Employee – Employer Insurance payments.
  • Configure Employee Benefits.
  • Access employee insurance anywhere anytime.

Explore Vultus Connect Features

Invoice Management

Generate invoices based on submitted timesheets, Attach and e-mail invoices to clients with a single click, Minimize billing errors, Customize invoice……

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Employee Management

The Employee Management feature has everything you need to successfully manage your company’s human capital in a way that minimizes …….

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Benefits Management

Waste no time in getting a comprehensive overview of all recruitment and sales activity, quickly, accurately, and at a glance.  You need to know what’s happening, but you don’t need to ……..

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Deep Dive into Solution?


Monitor company overall performance. Observe revenue forecasts, Monitor compliance and revenue metrics, Save and export expense and reimbursement reports, Benefit from multi-layered  …….

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Time Sheet Management

Employees can submit timesheets from any device, Access, approve and organize submitted timesheets. Manage documents and work authorization …..

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Expense Management

Store and manage all company-related expenses,Submit multiple bills simultaneously. Create customized reports, Track and submit expenses on  …….

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Client, Projects & Vendors

One stop solution that enables you to manage all business functions for a seamless, integrated and optimized workflow. Functional e-tools built in the Vultus Platform allow you to  ……

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