Have you heard of  Staffing Specific Applications?

Vultus Solutions are tailor made to US Staffing

Recruitment Software

Hiring made Easy

WorkForce Manager

Manage BackOffice Operations Remotely

Why Vultus

Transparent Pricing

Staffing is Competitive and surprising sometimes, we don’t want to surprise you more

In-App Chat Support

You wait for your candidates or consultants to respond, we don’t want to make you wait as well

Scalable Architecture

You are growing, choose where you want to be tomorrow, Vultus will evolve along with you

Free Data Migration

You can move out from us, but when you come back we welcome you with what you carry

Enterprise Solutions to Staffing Automation


Vultus is all about how to increase your teams efficiency, how to be more productive and how to save time. It is either your candidate facing Recruitment or Client facing Consultant, manage all in one.

Get Vultus

Get Competitive

Staffing is Competition. No more race against time, we can automate your repetitive processes, focus on Quality, everything else leave to us.

Get Productive

Your team believes in Social Recruiting? Or Job Boards ? May be, Career Page? All are integrated. Anything new, let us know we will add it for you all.

Get Time

Do you know, your accounts / operations / Recruiters get disturbed 100 times a day? Let your staff breath, records are a click away

Get Growth

It’s Revenue end of the day. Identify trends and make informed decisions. Our growth is directly proportionate
to your growth.

Get Vultus in less than an ATS?


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